Class MergeState


public class MergeState extends Object
Holds common state used during segment merging.
WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.
  • Field Details

    • docMaps

      public final MergeState.DocMap[] docMaps
      Maps document IDs from old segments to document IDs in the new segment
    • segmentInfo

      public final SegmentInfo segmentInfo
      SegmentInfo of the newly merged segment.
    • mergeFieldInfos

      public FieldInfos mergeFieldInfos
      FieldInfos of the newly merged segment.
    • storedFieldsReaders

      public final StoredFieldsReader[] storedFieldsReaders
      Stored field producers being merged
    • termVectorsReaders

      public final TermVectorsReader[] termVectorsReaders
      Term vector producers being merged
    • normsProducers

      public final NormsProducer[] normsProducers
      Norms producers being merged
    • docValuesProducers

      public final DocValuesProducer[] docValuesProducers
      DocValues producers being merged
    • fieldInfos

      public final FieldInfos[] fieldInfos
      FieldInfos being merged
    • liveDocs

      public final Bits[] liveDocs
      Live docs for each reader
    • fieldsProducers

      public final FieldsProducer[] fieldsProducers
      Postings to merge
    • pointsReaders

      public final PointsReader[] pointsReaders
      Point readers to merge
    • knnVectorsReaders

      public final KnnVectorsReader[] knnVectorsReaders
      Vector readers to merge
    • maxDocs

      public final int[] maxDocs
      Max docs per reader
    • infoStream

      public final InfoStream infoStream
      InfoStream for debugging messages.
    • needsIndexSort

      public boolean needsIndexSort
      Indicates if the index needs to be sorted *