Package org.apache.lucene.index

Code to maintain and access indices.


Interface Summary
IndexCommitPoint Deprecated. Please subclass IndexCommit class instead
IndexDeletionPolicy Expert: policy for deletion of stale index commits.
TermDocs TermDocs provides an interface for enumerating <document, frequency> pairs for a term.
TermFreqVector Provides access to stored term vector of a document field.
TermPositions TermPositions provides an interface for enumerating the <document, frequency, <position>* > tuples for a term.
TermPositionVector Extends TermFreqVector to provide additional information about positions in which each of the terms is found.

Class Summary
AbstractAllTermDocs Base class for enumerating all but deleted docs.
CheckIndex Basic tool and API to check the health of an index and write a new segments file that removes reference to problematic segments.
CheckIndex.Status Returned from CheckIndex.checkIndex() detailing the health and status of the index.
CheckIndex.Status.FieldNormStatus Status from testing field norms.
CheckIndex.Status.SegmentInfoStatus Holds the status of each segment in the index.
CheckIndex.Status.StoredFieldStatus Status from testing stored fields.
CheckIndex.Status.TermIndexStatus Status from testing term index.
CheckIndex.Status.TermVectorStatus Status from testing stored fields.
ConcurrentMergeScheduler A MergeScheduler that runs each merge using a separate thread, up until a maximum number of threads (ConcurrentMergeScheduler.setMaxThreadCount(int)) at which when a merge is needed, the thread(s) that are updating the index will pause until one or more merges completes.
FieldInvertState This class tracks the number and position / offset parameters of terms being added to the index.
FieldSortedTermVectorMapper For each Field, store a sorted collection of TermVectorEntrys

This is not thread-safe.

FilterIndexReader A FilterIndexReader contains another IndexReader, which it uses as its basic source of data, possibly transforming the data along the way or providing additional functionality.
FilterIndexReader.FilterTermDocs Base class for filtering TermDocs implementations.
FilterIndexReader.FilterTermEnum Base class for filtering TermEnum implementations.
FilterIndexReader.FilterTermPositions Base class for filtering TermPositions implementations.
IndexCommit Expert: represents a single commit into an index as seen by the IndexDeletionPolicy or IndexReader.
IndexFileNameFilter Filename filter that accept filenames and extensions only created by Lucene.
IndexModifier Deprecated. Please use IndexWriter instead.
IndexReader IndexReader is an abstract class, providing an interface for accessing an index.
IndexReader.FieldOption Constants describing field properties, for example used for IndexReader.getFieldNames(FieldOption).
IndexWriter An IndexWriter creates and maintains an index.
IndexWriter.IndexReaderWarmer If IndexWriter.getReader() has been called (ie, this writer is in near real-time mode), then after a merge completes, this class can be invoked to warm the reader on the newly merged segment, before the merge commits.
IndexWriter.MaxFieldLength Specifies maximum field length (in number of tokens/terms) in IndexWriter constructors.
KeepOnlyLastCommitDeletionPolicy This IndexDeletionPolicy implementation that keeps only the most recent commit and immediately removes all prior commits after a new commit is done.
LogByteSizeMergePolicy This is a LogMergePolicy that measures size of a segment as the total byte size of the segment's files.
LogDocMergePolicy This is a LogMergePolicy that measures size of a segment as the number of documents (not taking deletions into account).
LogMergePolicy This class implements a MergePolicy that tries to merge segments into levels of exponentially increasing size, where each level has fewer segments than the value of the merge factor.
MergePolicy Expert: a MergePolicy determines the sequence of primitive merge operations to be used for overall merge and optimize operations.
MergePolicy.MergeSpecification A MergeSpecification instance provides the information necessary to perform multiple merges.
MergePolicy.OneMerge OneMerge provides the information necessary to perform an individual primitive merge operation, resulting in a single new segment.
MergeScheduler Expert: IndexWriter uses an instance implementing this interface to execute the merges selected by a MergePolicy.
MultipleTermPositions Allows you to iterate over the TermPositions for multiple Terms as a single TermPositions.
MultiReader An IndexReader which reads multiple indexes, appending their content.
ParallelReader An IndexReader which reads multiple, parallel indexes.
Payload A Payload is metadata that can be stored together with each occurrence of a term.
PositionBasedTermVectorMapper For each Field, store position by position information.
PositionBasedTermVectorMapper.TVPositionInfo Container for a term at a position
SegmentInfo Information about a segment such as it's name, directory, and files related to the segment.
SegmentInfos A collection of segmentInfo objects with methods for operating on those segments in relation to the file system.
SegmentInfos.FindSegmentsFile Utility class for executing code that needs to do something with the current segments file.
SegmentReader NOTE: This API is new and still experimental (subject to change suddenly in the next release)
SerialMergeScheduler A MergeScheduler that simply does each merge sequentially, using the current thread.
SnapshotDeletionPolicy A IndexDeletionPolicy that wraps around any other IndexDeletionPolicy and adds the ability to hold and later release a single "snapshot" of an index.
SortedTermVectorMapper Store a sorted collection of TermVectorEntrys.
Term A Term represents a word from text.
TermEnum Abstract class for enumerating terms.
TermVectorEntry Convenience class for holding TermVector information.
TermVectorEntryFreqSortedComparator Compares TermVectorEntrys first by frequency and then by the term (case-sensitive)
TermVectorMapper The TermVectorMapper can be used to map Term Vectors into your own structure instead of the parallel array structure used by IndexReader.getTermFreqVector(int,String).
TermVectorOffsetInfo The TermVectorOffsetInfo class holds information pertaining to a Term in a TermPositionVector's offset information.

Exception Summary
CorruptIndexException This exception is thrown when Lucene detects an inconsistency in the index.
MergePolicy.MergeException Exception thrown if there are any problems while executing a merge.
StaleReaderException This exception is thrown when an IndexReader tries to make changes to the index (via IndexReader.deleteDocument(int), IndexReader.undeleteAll() or IndexReader.setNorm(int, java.lang.String, byte)) but changes have already been committed to the index since this reader was instantiated.

Package org.apache.lucene.index Description

Code to maintain and access indices.

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