Lucene 9.1.0 queryparser API

Apache Lucene QueryParsers.

This module provides a number of query parsers:

If you're new to query parsers, the flexible query parser's StandardQueryParser is probably a good place to start.

This package contains reusable parts for javacc-generated grammars (query parsers).
A simple query parser implemented with JavaCC.
QueryParser which permits complex phrase query syntax eg "(john jon jonathan~) peters*"
Extendable QueryParser provides a simple and flexible extension mechanism by overloading query field names.
Core classes of the flexible query parser framework.
Necessary classes to implement query builders.
Base classes used to configure the query processing.
Messages usually used by query parser implementations.
Query nodes commonly used by query parser implementations.
Necessary interfaces to implement text parsers.
Interfaces and implementations used by query node processors
Utility classes to used with the Query Parser.
For Native Language Support (NLS), system of software internationalization.
Precedence Query Parser Implementation
Lucene Precedence Query Parser Processors
Lucene Flexible Query Parser Implementation
Standard Lucene Query Node Builders.
Standard Lucene Query Configuration.
Standard Lucene Query Nodes.
This package contains classes that implement interval function support for the standard syntax parser.
Lucene Query Parser
Lucene Query Node Processors.
A simple query parser for human-entered queries.
This package contains the QueryParser.jj source file for the Surround parser.
This package contains SrndQuery and its subclasses.
Parser that produces Lucene Query objects from XML streams.
XML Parser factories for different Lucene Query/Filters.