Class Lucene90SegmentInfoFormat


public class Lucene90SegmentInfoFormat extends SegmentInfoFormat
Lucene 9.0 Segment info format.


  • .si: Header, SegVersion, SegSize, IsCompoundFile, Diagnostics, Files, Attributes, IndexSort, Footer
Data types: Field Descriptions:
  • SegVersion is the code version that created the segment.
  • SegMinVersion is the minimum code version that contributed documents to the segment.
  • SegSize is the number of documents contained in the segment index.
  • IsCompoundFile records whether the segment is written as a compound file or not. If this is -1, the segment is not a compound file. If it is 1, the segment is a compound file.
  • The Diagnostics Map is privately written by IndexWriter, as a debugging aid, for each segment it creates. It includes metadata like the current Lucene version, OS, Java version, why the segment was created (merge, flush, addIndexes), etc.
  • Files is a list of files referred to by this segment.
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WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.