Class IOContext


public class IOContext extends Object
IOContext holds additional details on the merge/search context. A IOContext object can never be initialized as null as passed as a parameter to either Directory.openInput(String, IOContext) or Directory.createOutput(String, IOContext)
  • Field Details

    • context

      public final IOContext.Context context
      An object of a enumerator Context type
    • mergeInfo

      public final MergeInfo mergeInfo
    • flushInfo

      public final FlushInfo flushInfo
    • readOnce

      public final boolean readOnce

      public static final IOContext DEFAULT

      public static final IOContext READONCE
    • READ

      public static final IOContext READ
  • Constructor Details

    • IOContext

      public IOContext()
    • IOContext

      public IOContext(FlushInfo flushInfo)
    • IOContext

      public IOContext(IOContext.Context context)
    • IOContext

      public IOContext(MergeInfo mergeInfo)
    • IOContext

      public IOContext(IOContext ctxt, boolean readOnce)
      This constructor is used to initialize a IOContext instance with a new value for the readOnce variable.
      ctxt - IOContext object whose information is used to create the new instance except the readOnce variable.
      readOnce - The new IOContext object will use this value for readOnce.
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