Class MergeInfo


public class MergeInfo extends Object
A MergeInfo provides information required for a MERGE context. It is used as part of an IOContext in case of MERGE context.
  • Field Details

    • totalMaxDoc

      public final int totalMaxDoc
    • estimatedMergeBytes

      public final long estimatedMergeBytes
    • isExternal

      public final boolean isExternal
    • mergeMaxNumSegments

      public final int mergeMaxNumSegments
  • Constructor Details

    • MergeInfo

      public MergeInfo(int totalMaxDoc, long estimatedMergeBytes, boolean isExternal, int mergeMaxNumSegments)
      Creates a new MergeInfo instance from the values required for a MERGE IOContext context.

      These values are only estimates and are not the actual values.

  • Method Details