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org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality.utils Miscellaneous utilities for search quality benchmarking: query parsing, submission reports. Code to search indices. 

Uses of TopDocs in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality.utils

Methods in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality.utils with parameters of type TopDocs
 void qq, TopDocs td, String docNameField, Searcher searcher)
          Report a search result for a certain quality query.

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 class TopFieldDocs
          Represents hits returned by,Filter,int,Sort).

Fields in declared as TopDocs
protected static TopDocs TopDocsCollector.EMPTY_TOPDOCS

Methods in that return TopDocs
protected  TopDocs TopScoreDocCollector.newTopDocs(ScoreDoc[] results, int start)
protected  TopDocs TopFieldCollector.newTopDocs(ScoreDoc[] results, int start)
protected  TopDocs TopDocsCollector.newTopDocs(ScoreDoc[] results, int start)
          Returns a TopDocs instance containing the given results.
 TopDocs query, Filter filter, int n)
          Finds the top n hits for query, applying filter if non-null.
 TopDocs query, int n)
          Finds the top n hits for query.
 TopDocs weight, Filter filter, int n)
 TopDocs weight, Filter filter, int nDocs)
          A search implementation which executes each Searchable in its own thread and waits for each search to complete and merge the results back together.
 TopDocs weight, Filter filter, int nDocs)
 TopDocs weight, Filter filter, int nDocs)
 TopDocs weight, Filter filter, int n)
          Expert: Low-level search implementation.
abstract  TopDocs weight, Filter filter, int n)
 TopDocs TopDocsCollector.topDocs()
          Returns the top docs that were collected by this collector.
 TopDocs TopDocsCollector.topDocs(int start)
          Returns the documents in the rage [start ..
 TopDocs TopDocsCollector.topDocs(int start, int howMany)
          Returns the documents in the rage [start ..

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