Class SubmissionReport

  extended by org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality.utils.SubmissionReport

public class SubmissionReport
extends Object

Create a log ready for submission. Extend this class and override report(QualityQuery, TopDocs, String, Searcher) to create different reports.

Constructor Summary
SubmissionReport(PrintWriter logger, String name)
          Constructor for SubmissionReport.
Method Summary
 void flush()
 void report(QualityQuery qq, TopDocs td, String docNameField, Searcher searcher)
          Report a search result for a certain quality query.
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Constructor Detail


public SubmissionReport(PrintWriter logger,
                        String name)
Constructor for SubmissionReport.

logger - if null, no submission data is created.
name - name of this run.
Method Detail


public void report(QualityQuery qq,
                   TopDocs td,
                   String docNameField,
                   Searcher searcher)
            throws IOException
Report a search result for a certain quality query.

qq - quality query for which the results are reported.
td - search results for the query.
docNameField - stored field used for fetching the result doc name.
searcher - index access for fetching doc name.
IOException - in case of a problem.


public void flush()

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