LuceneTM Dev

Source Code

The source files are stored using GIT (see

  • Latest master: git clone

Making a Contribution

Lucene Java is always looking for contributions. See the Wiki for details on contributing.

Nightly Builds

Jenkins is providing continuous integration capabilities to the Lucene project. It is responsible for running nightly builds, tests, javadocs, and code coverage reports.

Nightly Build Javadocs

Unofficial nightly Javadocs are also generated by Jenkins:

  • Unofficial Javadocs from the nightly master build are available here.

Clover Test Coverage Reports

Clover test coverage results are available:

  • As of the most recent nightly master build: here

Nightly Build Download

Nightly Benchmarks

  • Nightly automated benchmarks based on the master version of the code are available here.