Class Presearcher

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    public abstract class Presearcher
    extends Object
    A Presearcher is used by the Monitor to reduce the number of queries actually run against a Document. It defines how queries are stored in the monitor's internal index, and how a Document is converted to a query against that index.
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        public static final Presearcher NO_FILTERING
        A Presearcher implementation that does no query filtering, and runs all registered queries
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      • Presearcher

        public Presearcher()
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      • buildQuery

        public abstract Query buildQuery​(LeafReader reader,
                                         BiPredicate<String,​BytesRef> termAcceptor)
        Build a query for a Monitor's queryindex from a LeafReader over a set of documents to monitor.
        reader - a LeafReader over the input documents
        termAcceptor - a predicate indicating if a term should be added to the query
        a Query to run over a Monitor's queryindex
      • indexQuery

        public abstract Document indexQuery​(Query query,
                                            Map<String,​String> metadata)
        Build a lucene Document to index the query in a Monitor's queryindex
        query - the Query to index
        metadata - a Map of arbitrary query metadata
        a lucene Document to add to the queryindex