Class TermFilteredPresearcher

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    public class TermFilteredPresearcher
    extends Presearcher
    Presearcher implementation that uses terms extracted from queries to index them in the Monitor, and builds a disjunction from terms in a document to match them.

    Handling of queries that do not support term extraction through the QueryVisitor API can be configured by passing a list of CustomQueryHandler implementations.

    Filtering by additional fields can be configured by passing a set of field names. Documents that contain values in those fields will only be checked against MonitorQuery instances that have the same fieldname-value mapping in their metadata.

    • Field Detail


        public static final TermWeightor DEFAULT_WEIGHTOR
        The default TermWeightor, weighting by token length
    • Constructor Detail

      • TermFilteredPresearcher

        public TermFilteredPresearcher()
        Creates a new TermFilteredPresearcher using the default term weighting
      • TermFilteredPresearcher

        public TermFilteredPresearcher​(TermWeightor weightor,
                                       List<CustomQueryHandler> customQueryHandlers,
                                       Set<String> filterFields)
        Creates a new TermFilteredPresearcher
        weightor - the TermWeightor
        customQueryHandlers - A list of custom query handlers to extract terms from non-core queries
        filterFields - A set of fields to filter on