Class Lucene90PostingsFormat.IntBlockTermState

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public static final class Lucene90PostingsFormat.IntBlockTermState extends BlockTermState
Holds all state required for Lucene90PostingsReader to produce a PostingsEnum without re-seeking the terms dict.
NOTE: This API is for internal purposes only and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.
  • Field Details

    • docStartFP

      public long docStartFP
      file pointer to the start of the doc ids enumeration, in Lucene90PostingsFormat.DOC_EXTENSION file
    • posStartFP

      public long posStartFP
      file pointer to the start of the positions enumeration, in Lucene90PostingsFormat.POS_EXTENSION file
    • payStartFP

      public long payStartFP
      file pointer to the start of the payloads enumeration, in Lucene90PostingsFormat.PAY_EXTENSION file
    • skipOffset

      public long skipOffset
      file offset for the start of the skip list, relative to docStartFP, if there are more than ForUtil.BLOCK_SIZE docs; otherwise -1
    • lastPosBlockOffset

      public long lastPosBlockOffset
      file offset for the last position in the last block, if there are more than ForUtil.BLOCK_SIZE positions; otherwise -1
    • singletonDocID

      public int singletonDocID
      docid when there is a single pulsed posting, otherwise -1. freq is always implicitly totalTermFreq in this case.
  • Constructor Details

    • IntBlockTermState

      public IntBlockTermState()
      Sole constructor.
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