XML Parser factories for different Lucene Query/Filters.


Interface Summary
SpanQueryBuilder Interface for retrieving a SpanQuery.

Class Summary
BooleanFilterBuilder Builder for BooleanFilter
BooleanQueryBuilder Builder for BooleanQuery
BoostingQueryBuilder Builder for BoostingQuery
BoostingTermBuilder Builder for PayloadTermQuery
CachedFilterBuilder Filters are cached in an LRU Cache keyed on the contained query or filter object.
ConstantScoreQueryBuilder Builder for ConstantScoreQuery
DisjunctionMaxQueryBuilder Builder for DisjunctionMaxQuery
DuplicateFilterBuilder Builder for DuplicateFilter
FilteredQueryBuilder Builder for FilteredQuery
FuzzyLikeThisQueryBuilder Builder for FuzzyLikeThisQuery
LikeThisQueryBuilder Builder for MoreLikeThisQuery
MatchAllDocsQueryBuilder Builder for MatchAllDocsQuery
NumericRangeFilterBuilder Creates a NumericRangeFilter.
NumericRangeQueryBuilder Creates a NumericRangeQuery.
RangeFilterBuilder Builder for TermRangeFilter
SpanBuilderBase Base class for building SpanQuerys
SpanFirstBuilder Builder for SpanFirstQuery
SpanNearBuilder Builder for SpanNearQuery
SpanNotBuilder Builder for SpanNotQuery
SpanOrBuilder Builder for SpanOrQuery
SpanOrTermsBuilder Builder that analyzes the text into a SpanOrQuery
SpanQueryBuilderFactory Factory for SpanQueryBuilders
SpanTermBuilder Builder for SpanTermQuery
TermQueryBuilder Builder for TermQuery
TermsFilterBuilder Builder for TermsFilter
TermsQueryBuilder Builds a BooleanQuery from all of the terms found in the XML element using the choice of analyzer
UserInputQueryBuilder UserInputQueryBuilder uses 1 of 2 strategies for thread-safe parsing: 1) Synchronizing access to "parse" calls on a previously supplied QueryParser or..

Package Description

XML Parser factories for different Lucene Query/Filters.

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