Class NumericRangeQueryBuilder

  extended by
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public class NumericRangeQueryBuilder
extends Object
implements QueryBuilder

Creates a NumericRangeQuery. The table below specifies the required attributes and the defaults if optional attributes are omitted. For more detail on what each of the attributes actually do, consult the documentation for NumericRangeQuery:

Attribute name Values Required Default
fieldName String Yes N/A
lowerTerm Specified by type Yes N/A
upperTerm Specified by type Yes N/A
type int, long, float, double No int
includeLower true, false No true
includeUpper true, false No true
precisionStep Integer No 4

A ParserException will be thrown if an error occurs parsing the supplied lowerTerm or upperTerm into the numeric type specified by type.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Query getQuery(Element e)
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Constructor Detail


public NumericRangeQueryBuilder()
Method Detail


public Query getQuery(Element e)
               throws ParserException
Specified by:
getQuery in interface QueryBuilder

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