Uses of Interface

Packages that use SpanQueryBuilder XML Parser factories for different Lucene Query/Filters. 

Uses of SpanQueryBuilder in

Classes in that implement SpanQueryBuilder
 class BoostingTermBuilder
          Builder for PayloadTermQuery
 class SpanBuilderBase
          Base class for building SpanQuerys
 class SpanFirstBuilder
          Builder for SpanFirstQuery
 class SpanNearBuilder
          Builder for SpanNearQuery
 class SpanNotBuilder
          Builder for SpanNotQuery
 class SpanOrBuilder
          Builder for SpanOrQuery
 class SpanOrTermsBuilder
          Builder that analyzes the text into a SpanOrQuery
 class SpanQueryBuilderFactory
          Factory for SpanQueryBuilders
 class SpanTermBuilder
          Builder for SpanTermQuery

Methods in with parameters of type SpanQueryBuilder
 void SpanQueryBuilderFactory.addBuilder(String nodeName, SpanQueryBuilder builder)

Constructors in with parameters of type SpanQueryBuilder
SpanFirstBuilder(SpanQueryBuilder factory)
SpanNearBuilder(SpanQueryBuilder factory)
SpanNotBuilder(SpanQueryBuilder factory)
SpanOrBuilder(SpanQueryBuilder factory)

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