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Packages that use Normalization This package contains the various ranking models that can be used in Lucene. 

Uses of Normalization in

Subclasses of Normalization in
static class Normalization.NoNormalization
          Implementation used when there is no normalization.
 class NormalizationH1
          Normalization model that assumes a uniform distribution of the term frequency.
 class NormalizationH2
          Normalization model in which the term frequency is inversely related to the length.
 class NormalizationH3
          Dirichlet Priors normalization
 class NormalizationZ
          Pareto-Zipf Normalization

Fields in declared as Normalization
protected  Normalization DFRSimilarity.normalization
          The term frequency normalization.
protected  Normalization IBSimilarity.normalization
          The term frequency normalization.

Methods in that return Normalization
 Normalization DFRSimilarity.getNormalization()
          Returns the second normalization
 Normalization IBSimilarity.getNormalization()
          Returns the term frequency normalization

Constructors in with parameters of type Normalization
DFRSimilarity(BasicModel basicModel, AfterEffect afterEffect, Normalization normalization)
          Creates DFRSimilarity from the three components.
IBSimilarity(Distribution distribution, Lambda lambda, Normalization normalization)
          Creates IBSimilarity from the three components.

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