Class Lambda

  extended by
Direct Known Subclasses:
LambdaDF, LambdaTTF

public abstract class Lambda
extends Object

The lambda (λw) parameter in information-based models.

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WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.

Constructor Summary
          Sole constructor.
Method Summary
abstract  Explanation explain(BasicStats stats)
          Explains the lambda parameter.
abstract  float lambda(BasicStats stats)
          Computes the lambda parameter.
abstract  String toString()
          Subclasses must override this method to return the code of the lambda formula.
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Constructor Detail


public Lambda()
Sole constructor. (For invocation by subclass constructors, typically implicit.)

Method Detail


public abstract float lambda(BasicStats stats)
Computes the lambda parameter.


public abstract Explanation explain(BasicStats stats)
Explains the lambda parameter.


public abstract String toString()
Subclasses must override this method to return the code of the lambda formula. Since the original paper is not very clear on this matter, and also uses the DFR naming scheme incorrectly, the codes here were chosen arbitrarily.

toString in class Object

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