Class SearcherLifetimeManager.PruneByAge

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public static final class SearcherLifetimeManager.PruneByAge
extends Object
implements SearcherLifetimeManager.Pruner

Simple pruner that drops any searcher older by more than the specified seconds, than the newest searcher.

Constructor Summary
SearcherLifetimeManager.PruneByAge(int maxAgeSec)
Method Summary
 boolean doPrune(int ageSec, IndexSearcher searcher)
          Return true if this searcher should be removed.
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Constructor Detail


public SearcherLifetimeManager.PruneByAge(int maxAgeSec)
Method Detail


public boolean doPrune(int ageSec,
                       IndexSearcher searcher)
Description copied from interface: SearcherLifetimeManager.Pruner
Return true if this searcher should be removed.

Specified by:
doPrune in interface SearcherLifetimeManager.Pruner
ageSec - how long ago this searcher was recorded vs the most recently recorded searcher
searcher - Searcher

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