Uses of Class

Packages that use Lock Binary i/o API, used for all index data. 

Uses of Lock in

Methods in that return Lock
 Lock Directory.makeLock(String name)
          Construct a Lock.
 Lock NativeFSLockFactory.makeLock(String lockName)
 Lock SimpleFSLockFactory.makeLock(String lockName)
 Lock NoLockFactory.makeLock(String lockName)
 Lock SingleInstanceLockFactory.makeLock(String lockName)
 Lock VerifyingLockFactory.makeLock(String lockName)
abstract  Lock LockFactory.makeLock(String lockName)
          Return a new Lock instance identified by lockName.
 Lock NRTCachingDirectory.makeLock(String name)

Constructors in with parameters of type Lock
Lock.With(Lock lock, long lockWaitTimeout)
          Constructs an executor that will grab the named lock.

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