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Benchmarking Lucene By Tasks. 
org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality Search Quality Benchmarking. 
org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality.utils Miscellaneous utilities for search quality benchmarking: query parsing, submission reports. 
org.apache.lucene.index.memory High-performance single-document main memory Apache Lucene fulltext search index. Code to search indices. 

Uses of IndexSearcher in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask

Methods in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask that return IndexSearcher
 IndexSearcher PerfRunData.getIndexSearcher()

Uses of IndexSearcher in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality

Fields in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality declared as IndexSearcher
protected  IndexSearcher QualityBenchmark.searcher
          Index to be searched.

Constructors in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality with parameters of type IndexSearcher
QualityBenchmark(QualityQuery[] qqs, QualityQueryParser qqParser, IndexSearcher searcher, String docNameField)
          Create a QualityBenchmark.

Uses of IndexSearcher in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality.utils

Methods in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality.utils with parameters of type IndexSearcher
 String DocNameExtractor.docName(IndexSearcher searcher, int docid)
          Extract the name of the input doc from the index.
 void qq, TopDocs td, String docNameField, IndexSearcher searcher)
          Report a search result for a certain quality query.

Uses of IndexSearcher in org.apache.lucene.demo

Methods in org.apache.lucene.demo with parameters of type IndexSearcher
static void SearchFiles.doPagingSearch(BufferedReader in, IndexSearcher searcher, Query query, int hitsPerPage, boolean raw, boolean interactive)
          This demonstrates a typical paging search scenario, where the search engine presents pages of size n to the user.

Uses of IndexSearcher in org.apache.lucene.index.memory

Methods in org.apache.lucene.index.memory that return IndexSearcher
 IndexSearcher MemoryIndex.createSearcher()
          Creates and returns a searcher that can be used to execute arbitrary Lucene queries and to collect the resulting query results as hits.

Uses of IndexSearcher in

Fields in declared as IndexSearcher
protected  IndexSearcher[] IndexSearcher.subSearchers

Methods in that return IndexSearcher
 IndexSearcher SearcherManager.acquire()
          Obtain the current IndexSearcher.
 IndexSearcher SearcherLifetimeManager.acquire(long version)
          Retrieve a previously recorded IndexSearcher, if it has not yet been closed

Methods in with parameters of type IndexSearcher
 boolean SearcherLifetimeManager.Pruner.doPrune(int ageSec, IndexSearcher searcher)
          Return true if this searcher should be removed.
 boolean SearcherLifetimeManager.PruneByAge.doPrune(int ageSec, IndexSearcher searcher)
 long SearcherLifetimeManager.record(IndexSearcher searcher)
          Records that you are now using this IndexSearcher.
 void SearcherManager.release(IndexSearcher searcher)
          Release the searcher previously obtained with SearcherManager.acquire().
 void SearcherLifetimeManager.release(IndexSearcher s)
          Release a searcher previously obtained from SearcherLifetimeManager.acquire(long).
 void SearcherWarmer.warm(IndexSearcher s)

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