Package org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality

Search Quality Benchmarking.


Interface Summary
Judge Judge if a document is relevant for a quality query.
QualityQueryParser Parse a QualityQuery into a Lucene query.

Class Summary
QualityBenchmark Main entry point for running a quality benchmark.
QualityQuery A QualityQuery has an ID and some name-value pairs.
QualityStats Results of quality benchmark run for a single query or for a set of queries.
QualityStats.RecallPoint A certain rank in which a relevant doc was found.

Package org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality Description

Search Quality Benchmarking.

This package allows to benchmark search quality of a Lucene application.

In order to use this package you should provide:

For benchmarking TREC collections with TREC QRels, take a look at the trec package.

Here is a sample code used to run the TREC 2006 queries 701-850 on the .Gov2 collection:

    File topicsFile = new File("topics-701-850.txt");
    File qrelsFile = new File("qrels-701-850.txt");
    Searcher searcher = new IndexSearcher("index");

    int maxResults = 1000;
    String docNameField = "docname"; 
    PrintWriter logger = new PrintWriter(System.out,true); 

    // use trec utilities to read trec topics into quality queries
    TrecTopicsReader qReader = new TrecTopicsReader();
    QualityQuery qqs[] = qReader.readQueries(new BufferedReader(new FileReader(topicsFile)));
    // prepare judge, with trec utilities that read from a QRels file
    Judge judge = new TrecJudge(new BufferedReader(new FileReader(qrelsFile)));
    // validate topics & judgments match each other
    judge.validateData(qqs, logger);
    // set the parsing of quality queries into Lucene queries.
    QualityQueryParser qqParser = new SimpleQQParser("title", "body");
    // run the benchmark
    QualityBenchmark qrun = new QualityBenchmark(qqs, qqParser, searcher, docNameField);
    SubmissionReport submitLog = null;
    QualityStats stats[] = qrun.execute(maxResults, judge, submitLog, logger);
    // print an avarage sum of the results
    QualityStats avg = QualityStats.average(stats);
    avg.log("SUMMARY",2,logger, "  ");

Some immediate ways to modify this program to your needs are:

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