Package org.apache.lucene.queryParser.standard.processors

Lucene Query Node Processors


Class Summary
AllowLeadingWildcardProcessor This processor verifies if StandardQueryConfigHandler.ConfigurationKeys.ALLOW_LEADING_WILDCARD is defined in the QueryConfigHandler.
AnalyzerQueryNodeProcessor This processor verifies if StandardQueryConfigHandler.ConfigurationKeys.ANALYZER is defined in the QueryConfigHandler.
BooleanSingleChildOptimizationQueryNodeProcessor This processor removes every BooleanQueryNode that contains only one child and returns this child.
BoostQueryNodeProcessor This processor iterates the query node tree looking for every FieldableNode that has StandardQueryConfigHandler.ConfigurationKeys.BOOST in its config.
DefaultPhraseSlopQueryNodeProcessor This processor verifies if StandardQueryConfigHandler.ConfigurationKeys.PHRASE_SLOP is defined in the QueryConfigHandler.
FuzzyQueryNodeProcessor This processor iterates the query node tree looking for every FuzzyQueryNode, when this kind of node is found, it checks on the query configuration for StandardQueryConfigHandler.ConfigurationKeys.FUZZY_CONFIG, gets the fuzzy prefix length and default similarity from it and set to the fuzzy node.
GroupQueryNodeProcessor The SyntaxParser generates query node trees that consider the boolean operator precedence, but Lucene current syntax does not support boolean precedence, so this processor remove all the precedence and apply the equivalent modifier according to the boolean operation defined on an specific query node.
LowercaseExpandedTermsQueryNodeProcessor This processor verifies if StandardQueryConfigHandler.ConfigurationKeys.LOWERCASE_EXPANDED_TERMS is defined in the QueryConfigHandler.
MatchAllDocsQueryNodeProcessor This processor converts every WildcardQueryNode that is "*:*" to MatchAllDocsQueryNode.
MultiFieldQueryNodeProcessor This processor is used to expand terms so the query looks for the same term in different fields.
MultiTermRewriteMethodProcessor This processor instates the default MultiTermQuery.RewriteMethod, MultiTermQuery.CONSTANT_SCORE_AUTO_REWRITE_DEFAULT, for multi-term query nodes.
NumericQueryNodeProcessor This processor is used to convert FieldQueryNodes to NumericRangeQueryNodes.
NumericRangeQueryNodeProcessor This processor is used to convert ParametricRangeQueryNodes to NumericRangeQueryNodes.
ParametricRangeQueryNodeProcessor This processor converts ParametricRangeQueryNode objects to RangeQueryNode objects.
PhraseSlopQueryNodeProcessor This processor removes invalid SlopQueryNode objects in the query node tree.
RemoveEmptyNonLeafQueryNodeProcessor This processor removes every QueryNode that is not a leaf and has not children.
StandardQueryNodeProcessorPipeline This pipeline has all the processors needed to process a query node tree, generated by StandardSyntaxParser, already assembled.
WildcardQueryNodeProcessor The StandardSyntaxParser creates PrefixWildcardQueryNode nodes which have values containing the prefixed wildcard.

Package org.apache.lucene.queryParser.standard.processors Description

Lucene Query Node Processors

The package org.apache.lucene.queryParser.standard.processors contains every processor needed to assembly a pipeline that modifies the query node tree according to the actual Lucene queries.

These processors are already assembled correctly in the StandardQueryNodeProcessorPipeline.

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