Interface FieldableNode

All Superinterfaces:
QueryNode, Serializable
All Known Subinterfaces:
FieldValuePairQueryNode<T>, RangeQueryNode<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractRangeQueryNode, FieldQueryNode, FuzzyQueryNode, MultiPhraseQueryNode, NumericQueryNode, NumericRangeQueryNode, ParametricQueryNode, ParametricRangeQueryNode, PhraseSlopQueryNode, PrefixWildcardQueryNode, QuotedFieldQueryNode, RangeQueryNode, SlopQueryNode, TermRangeQueryNode, TokenizedPhraseQueryNode, WildcardQueryNode

public interface FieldableNode
extends QueryNode

A query node implements FieldableNode interface to indicate that its children and itself are associated to a specific field. If it has any children which also implements this interface, it must ensure the children are associated to the same field.

Method Summary
 CharSequence getField()
          Returns the field associated to the node and every node under it.
 void setField(CharSequence fieldName)
          Associates the node to a field.
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.lucene.queryParser.core.nodes.QueryNode
add, add, cloneTree, containsTag, containsTag, getChildren, getParent, getTag, getTag, getTagMap, getTags, isLeaf, set, setTag, setTag, toQueryString, toString, unsetTag, unsetTag

Method Detail


CharSequence getField()
Returns the field associated to the node and every node under it.

the field name


void setField(CharSequence fieldName)
Associates the node to a field.

fieldName - the field name

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