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org.apache.lucene.document The logical representation of a Document for indexing and searching. 
org.apache.lucene.facet.index Indexing of document categories This is an another highlighter implementation. 

Uses of Field in org.apache.lucene.document

Methods in org.apache.lucene.document that return Field
 Field Document.getField(String name)
          Deprecated. use Document.getFieldable(java.lang.String) instead and cast depending on data type.
 Field[] Document.getFields(String name)
          Deprecated. use Document.getFieldable(java.lang.String) instead and cast depending on data type.

Uses of Field in org.apache.lucene.facet.index

Fields in org.apache.lucene.facet.index with type parameters of type Field
protected  ArrayList<Field> CategoryDocumentBuilder.fieldList
          A list of fields which is filled at ancestors' construction and used during

Uses of Field in

Methods in that return Field
protected  Field[] BaseFragmentsBuilder.getFields(IndexReader reader, int docId, String fieldName)

Methods in with parameters of type Field
protected  String BaseFragmentsBuilder.getFragmentSource(StringBuilder buffer, int[] index, Field[] values, int startOffset, int endOffset)
protected  String BaseFragmentsBuilder.getFragmentSourceMSO(StringBuilder buffer, int[] index, Field[] values, int startOffset, int endOffset, int[] modifiedStartOffset)
protected  String BaseFragmentsBuilder.makeFragment(StringBuilder buffer, int[] index, Field[] values, FieldFragList.WeightedFragInfo fragInfo, String[] preTags, String[] postTags, Encoder encoder)

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