Package org.apache.lucene.facet.index

Indexing of document categories


Class Summary
CategoryContainer A container to add categories which are to be introduced to CategoryDocumentBuilder.setCategories(Iterable).
CategoryDocumentBuilder A utility class which allows attachment of CategoryPaths or CategoryAttributes to a given document using a taxonomy.
Construction could be done with either a given FacetIndexingParams or the default implementation DefaultFacetIndexingParams.
A CategoryDocumentBuilder can be reused by repeatedly setting the categories and building the document.
CategoryListPayloadStream Accumulates category IDs for a single document, for writing in byte array form, for example, to a Lucene Payload.
FacetsPayloadProcessorProvider A PayloadProcessorProvider for updating facets ordinal references, based on an ordinal map.
FacetsPayloadProcessorProvider.FacetsPayloadProcessor A PayloadProcessor for updating facets ordinal references, based on an ordinal map

Package org.apache.lucene.facet.index Description

Indexing of document categories

Attachment of CategoryPath's or CategoryAttribute's to a given document using a Taxonomy.

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