Uses of Class

Packages that use TextFragment The highlight package contains classes to provide "keyword in context" features typically used to highlight search terms in the text of results pages. 

Uses of TextFragment in

Methods in that return TextFragment
 TextFragment[] Highlighter.getBestTextFragments(TokenStream tokenStream, String text, boolean mergeContiguousFragments, int maxNumFragments)
          Low level api to get the most relevant (formatted) sections of the document.

Methods in with parameters of type TextFragment
 boolean TextFragment.follows(TextFragment fragment)
 void TextFragment.merge(TextFragment frag2)
 void QueryTermScorer.startFragment(TextFragment newFragment)
 void QueryScorer.startFragment(TextFragment newFragment)
 void Scorer.startFragment(TextFragment newFragment)
          Called when a new fragment is started for consideration.

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