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org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality Search Quality Benchmarking. 
org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality.utils Miscellaneous utilities for search quality benchmarking: query parsing, submission reports. Code to search indices.
Programmatic control over documents scores. This module supports index-time joins while searching, where joined documents are indexed as a single document block using IndexWriter.addDocuments(java.util.Collection)
The payloads package provides Query mechanisms for finding and using payloads. The calculus of spans. 

Uses of Searcher in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality

Fields in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality declared as Searcher
protected  Searcher QualityBenchmark.searcher
          Index to be searched.

Constructors in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality with parameters of type Searcher
QualityBenchmark(QualityQuery[] qqs, QualityQueryParser qqParser, Searcher searcher, String docNameField)
          Create a QualityBenchmark.

Uses of Searcher in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality.utils

Methods in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality.utils with parameters of type Searcher
 String DocNameExtractor.docName(Searcher searcher, int docid)
          Extract the name of the input doc from the index.
 void qq, TopDocs td, String docNameField, Searcher searcher)
          Report a search result for a certain quality query.

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Subclasses of Searcher in
 class IndexSearcher
          Implements search over a single IndexReader.
 class MultiSearcher
          Deprecated. If you are using MultiSearcher over IndexSearchers, please use MultiReader instead; this class does not properly handle certain kinds of queries (see LUCENE-2756).
 class ParallelMultiSearcher
          Deprecated. Please pass an ExecutorService to IndexSearcher, instead.

Methods in with parameters of type Searcher
 Weight BooleanQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)
 Weight MatchAllDocsQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)
 Weight MultiPhraseQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)
 Weight ConstantScoreQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)
 Weight Query.createWeight(Searcher searcher)
          Expert: Constructs an appropriate Weight implementation for this query.
 Weight TermQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)
 Weight DisjunctionMaxQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)
          Create the Weight used to score us
 Weight PhraseQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)
 Weight FilteredQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)
          Returns a Weight that applies the filter to the enclosed query's Weight.
 Similarity Query.getSimilarity(Searcher searcher)
          Deprecated. Instead of using "runtime" subclassing/delegation, subclass the Weight instead.
 Explanation.IDFExplanation Similarity.idfExplain(Collection<Term> terms, Searcher searcher)
          Computes a score factor for a phrase.
 Explanation.IDFExplanation Similarity.idfExplain(Term term, Searcher searcher)
          This method forwards to Similarity.idfExplain(Term,Searcher,int) by passing searcher.docFreq(term) as the docFreq.
 Explanation.IDFExplanation Similarity.idfExplain(Term term, Searcher searcher, int docFreq)
          Computes a score factor for a simple term and returns an explanation for that score factor.
 Weight Query.weight(Searcher searcher)
          Deprecated. never ever use this method in Weight implementations. Subclasses of Query should use Query.createWeight(, instead.

Constructors in with parameters of type Searcher
BooleanQuery.BooleanWeight(Searcher searcher, boolean disableCoord)
ConstantScoreQuery.ConstantWeight(Searcher searcher)
DisjunctionMaxQuery.DisjunctionMaxWeight(Searcher searcher)
          Construct the Weight for this Query searched by searcher.

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Methods in with parameters of type Searcher
 Weight CustomScoreQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)
 Weight ValueSourceQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)

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Methods in with parameters of type Searcher
 Weight BlockJoinQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)

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Methods in with parameters of type Searcher
 Weight PayloadNearQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)
 Weight PayloadTermQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)

Constructors in with parameters of type Searcher
PayloadNearQuery.PayloadNearSpanWeight(SpanQuery query, Searcher searcher)
PayloadTermQuery.PayloadTermWeight(PayloadTermQuery query, Searcher searcher)

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Methods in with parameters of type Searcher
 Weight FieldMaskingSpanQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)
 Weight SpanQuery.createWeight(Searcher searcher)

Constructors in with parameters of type Searcher
SpanWeight(SpanQuery query, Searcher searcher)

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