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Packages that use LockFactory Binary i/o API, used for all index data. 

Uses of LockFactory in

Subclasses of LockFactory in
 class FSLockFactory
          Base class for file system based locking implementation.
 class NativeFSLockFactory
          Implements LockFactory using native OS file locks.
 class NoLockFactory
          Use this LockFactory to disable locking entirely.
 class SimpleFSLockFactory
          Implements LockFactory using File.createNewFile().
 class SingleInstanceLockFactory
          Implements LockFactory for a single in-process instance, meaning all locking will take place through this one instance.
 class VerifyingLockFactory
          A LockFactory that wraps another LockFactory and verifies that each lock obtain/release is "correct" (never results in two processes holding the lock at the same time).

Fields in declared as LockFactory
protected  LockFactory Directory.lockFactory
          Holds the LockFactory instance (implements locking for this Directory instance).

Methods in that return LockFactory
 LockFactory Directory.getLockFactory()
          Get the LockFactory that this Directory instance is using for its locking implementation.

Methods in with parameters of type LockFactory
static FSDirectory path, LockFactory lockFactory)
          Just like, but allows you to also specify a custom LockFactory.
 void Directory.setLockFactory(LockFactory lockFactory)
          Set the LockFactory that this Directory instance should use for its locking implementation.
 void FSDirectory.setLockFactory(LockFactory lockFactory)

Constructors in with parameters of type LockFactory
FSDirectory(File path, LockFactory lockFactory)
          Create a new FSDirectory for the named location (ctor for subclasses).
MMapDirectory(File path, LockFactory lockFactory)
          Create a new MMapDirectory for the named location.
NIOFSDirectory(File path, LockFactory lockFactory)
          Create a new NIOFSDirectory for the named location.
SimpleFSDirectory(File path, LockFactory lockFactory)
          Create a new SimpleFSDirectory for the named location.
VerifyingLockFactory(byte id, LockFactory lf, String host, int port)

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