Class FSLockFactory

  extended by
      extended by
Direct Known Subclasses:
NativeFSLockFactory, SimpleFSLockFactory

public abstract class FSLockFactory
extends LockFactory

Base class for file system based locking implementation.

Field Summary
protected  File lockDir
          Directory for the lock files.
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 File getLockDir()
          Retrieve the lock directory.
protected  void setLockDir(File lockDir)
          Set the lock directory.
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Field Detail


protected File lockDir
Directory for the lock files.

Constructor Detail


public FSLockFactory()
Method Detail


protected final void setLockDir(File lockDir)
Set the lock directory. This method can be only called once to initialize the lock directory. It is used by FSDirectory to set the lock directory to itself. Subclasses can also use this method to set the directory in the constructor.


public File getLockDir()
Retrieve the lock directory.

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