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Packages that use Sort Code to search indices. 

Uses of Sort in

Fields in declared as Sort
static Sort Sort.INDEXORDER
          Represents sorting by index order.
static Sort Sort.RELEVANCE
          Represents sorting by computed relevance.

Methods in with parameters of type Sort
static TopFieldCollector TopFieldCollector.create(Sort sort, int numHits, boolean fillFields, boolean trackDocScores, boolean trackMaxScore, boolean docsScoredInOrder)
          Creates a new TopFieldCollector from the given arguments.
 TopFieldDocs query, Filter filter, int n, Sort sort)
          Search implementation with arbitrary sorting.
 TopFieldDocs weight, Filter filter, int nDocs, Sort sort)
          A search implementation allowing sorting which spans a new thread for each Searchable, waits for each search to complete and merges the results back together.
 TopFieldDocs weight, Filter filter, int n, Sort sort)
 TopFieldDocs weight, Filter filter, int nDocs, Sort sort)
 TopFieldDocs weight, Filter filter, int n, Sort sort)
          Expert: Low-level search implementation with arbitrary sorting.
abstract  TopFieldDocs weight, Filter filter, int n, Sort sort)
 TopFieldDocs weight, Filter filter, int nDocs, Sort sort, boolean fillFields)
          Just like, Filter, int, Sort), but you choose whether or not the fields in the returned FieldDoc instances should be set by specifying fillFields.

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