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Packages that use MultiTermQuery Code to search indices. 

Uses of MultiTermQuery in

Classes in with type parameters of type MultiTermQuery
 class MultiTermQueryWrapperFilter<Q extends MultiTermQuery>
          A wrapper for MultiTermQuery, that exposes its functionality as a Filter.

Subclasses of MultiTermQuery in
 class FuzzyQuery
          Implements the fuzzy search query.
 class NumericRangeQuery<T extends Number>
          A Query that matches numeric values within a specified range.
 class PrefixQuery
          A Query that matches documents containing terms with a specified prefix.
 class TermRangeQuery
          A Query that matches documents within an range of terms.
 class WildcardQuery
          Implements the wildcard search query.

Fields in declared as MultiTermQuery
protected  Q MultiTermQueryWrapperFilter.query

Methods in with parameters of type MultiTermQuery
abstract  Query MultiTermQuery.RewriteMethod.rewrite(IndexReader reader, MultiTermQuery query)
 Query MultiTermQuery.ConstantScoreAutoRewrite.rewrite(IndexReader reader, MultiTermQuery query)

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