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org.apache.lucene.queryParser A simple query parser implemented with JavaCC. Code to search indices. 

Uses of BooleanClause in org.apache.lucene.queryParser

Methods in org.apache.lucene.queryParser that return BooleanClause
protected  BooleanClause QueryParser.newBooleanClause(Query q, BooleanClause.Occur occur)
          Builds a new BooleanClause instance

Method parameters in org.apache.lucene.queryParser with type arguments of type BooleanClause
protected  void QueryParser.addClause(List<BooleanClause> clauses, int conj, int mods, Query q)
protected  Query QueryParser.getBooleanQuery(List<BooleanClause> clauses)
          Factory method for generating query, given a set of clauses.
protected  Query QueryParser.getBooleanQuery(List<BooleanClause> clauses, boolean disableCoord)
          Factory method for generating query, given a set of clauses.

Uses of BooleanClause in

Methods in that return BooleanClause
 BooleanClause[] BooleanQuery.getClauses()
          Returns the set of clauses in this query.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type BooleanClause
 List<BooleanClause> BooleanQuery.clauses()
          Returns the list of clauses in this query.
 Iterator<BooleanClause> BooleanQuery.iterator()
          Returns an iterator on the clauses in this query.

Methods in with parameters of type BooleanClause
 void BooleanQuery.add(BooleanClause clause)
          Adds a clause to a boolean query.

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