Package org.apache.solr.util.stats

Utilities for collecting statistics


Interface Summary
Sample A statistically representative sample of a data stream.

Class Summary
Clock An abstraction for how time passes.
Clock.CpuTimeClock A clock implementation which returns the current thread's CPU time.
Clock.UserTimeClock A clock implementation which returns the current time in epoch nanoseconds.
EWMA An exponentially-weighted moving average.
ExponentiallyDecayingSample An exponentially-decaying random sample of longs.
Histogram A metric which calculates the distribution of a value.
Meter A meter metric which measures mean throughput and one-, five-, and fifteen-minute exponentially-weighted moving average throughputs.
Snapshot A statistical snapshot of a Snapshot.
Timer A timer metric which aggregates timing durations and provides duration statistics, plus throughput statistics via Meter.
TimerContext A timing context.
UniformSample A random sample of a stream of longs.

Package org.apache.solr.util.stats Description

Utilities for collecting statistics

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