Package org.apache.solr.spelling.suggest

APIs and classes used by the SpellCheckComponent


Interface Summary

Class Summary
DictionaryFactory Encapsulates shared fields for all types of dictionaryFactory classes
DocumentDictionaryFactory Factory for DocumentDictionary
DocumentExpressionDictionaryFactory Factory for DocumentValueSourceDictionary
FileDictionaryFactory Factory for FileDictionary
HighFrequencyDictionaryFactory Factory for HighFrequencyDictionary
LookupFactory Suggester factory for creating Lookup instances.
SolrSuggester Responsible for loading the lookup and dictionary Implementations specified by the SolrConfig.
SuggesterOptions Encapsulates the inputs required to be passed on to the underlying suggester in SolrSuggester
SuggesterResult Encapsulates the results returned by the suggester in SolrSuggester

Package org.apache.solr.spelling.suggest Description

APIs and classes used by the SpellCheckComponent

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