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Packages that use SchemaAware
org.apache.solr.schema IndexSchema and FieldType implementations for powering schema.xml 

Uses of SchemaAware in org.apache.solr.schema

Classes in org.apache.solr.schema that implement SchemaAware
 class AbstractSubTypeFieldType
          An abstract base class for FieldTypes that delegate work to another FieldType.
 class CoordinateFieldType
          A CoordinateFieldType is the base class for FieldTypes that have semantics related to items in a coordinate system.
 class CurrencyField
          Field type for support of monetary values.
 class ExternalFileField
          Get values from an external file instead of the index.
 class LatLonType
          Represents a Latitude/Longitude as a 2 dimensional point.
 class PointType
          A point type that indexes a point in an n-dimensional space as separate fields and supports range queries.
 class SpatialPointVectorFieldType

Fields in org.apache.solr.schema with type parameters of type SchemaAware
protected  List<SchemaAware> IndexSchema.schemaAware

Constructor parameters in org.apache.solr.schema with type arguments of type SchemaAware
FieldTypePluginLoader(IndexSchema schema, Map<String,FieldType> fieldTypes, Collection<SchemaAware> schemaAware)

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