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Packages that use HighlightingPluginBase
org.apache.solr.highlight SolrHighlighter API and related implementaions and utilities 

Uses of HighlightingPluginBase in org.apache.solr.highlight

Subclasses of HighlightingPluginBase in org.apache.solr.highlight
 class BreakIteratorBoundaryScanner
 class DefaultEncoder
          Use the DefaultEncoder
 class GapFragmenter
 class HtmlEncoder
          Use the SimpleHTMLEncoder
 class HtmlFormatter
          Use the SimpleHTMLFormatter
 class RegexFragmenter
          Fragmenter that tries to produce snippets that "look" like a regular expression.
 class ScoreOrderFragmentsBuilder
 class SimpleBoundaryScanner
 class SimpleFragListBuilder
 class SimpleFragmentsBuilder
 class SingleFragListBuilder
 class SolrBoundaryScanner
 class SolrFragmentsBuilder
 class WeightedFragListBuilder

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