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Packages that use SolrConfig
org.apache.solr.core Core classes implementin Solr internals and the management of SolrCore
org.apache.solr.highlight SolrHighlighter API and related implementaions and utilities 
org.apache.solr.schema IndexSchema and FieldType implementations for powering schema.xml APIs and classes for parsing and processing search requests 
org.apache.solr.servlet Servlet related classes for powering the Solr HTTP API 
org.apache.solr.servlet.cache Caching related classes used in the Solr HTTP API 
org.apache.solr.update APIs and classes for managing index updates 
org.apache.solr.util.xslt XSLT related utilities (deprecated package, do not add new classes) 

Uses of SolrConfig in org.apache.solr.core

Methods in org.apache.solr.core that return SolrConfig
 SolrConfig SolrCore.getSolrConfig()
          Gets the configuration object used by this core instance.
 SolrConfig ZkContainer.getSolrConfigFromZk(String zkConfigName, String solrConfigFileName, SolrResourceLoader resourceLoader)

Constructors in org.apache.solr.core with parameters of type SolrConfig
SolrCore(String name, String dataDir, SolrConfig config, IndexSchema schema, CoreDescriptor cd)
          Creates a new core and register it in the list of cores.
SolrCore(String name, String dataDir, SolrConfig config, IndexSchema schema, CoreDescriptor cd, UpdateHandler updateHandler, IndexDeletionPolicyWrapper delPolicy, SolrCore prev)
          Creates a new core and register it in the list of cores.

Uses of SolrConfig in org.apache.solr.highlight

Methods in org.apache.solr.highlight with parameters of type SolrConfig
 void PostingsSolrHighlighter.initalize(SolrConfig config)
 void DefaultSolrHighlighter.initalize(SolrConfig config)
abstract  void SolrHighlighter.initalize(SolrConfig config)

Uses of SolrConfig in org.apache.solr.schema

Fields in org.apache.solr.schema declared as SolrConfig
protected  SolrConfig IndexSchema.solrConfig

Methods in org.apache.solr.schema with parameters of type SolrConfig
static IndexSchema IndexSchemaFactory.buildIndexSchema(String resourceName, SolrConfig config)
          Instantiates the configured schema factory, then calls create on it.
 ManagedIndexSchema ManagedIndexSchemaFactory.create(String resourceName, SolrConfig config)
          First, try to locate the managed schema file named in the managedSchemaResourceName param.
 IndexSchema IndexSchemaFactory.create(String resourceName, SolrConfig config)
          Returns an index schema created from a local resource
static String IndexSchemaFactory.getResourceNameToBeUsed(String resourceName, SolrConfig config)
          Returns the resource name that will be used: if the schema is managed, the resource name will be drawn from the schema factory configuration in the given SolrConfig.

Constructors in org.apache.solr.schema with parameters of type SolrConfig
IndexSchema(SolrConfig solrConfig, SolrResourceLoader loader)
IndexSchema(SolrConfig solrConfig, String name, InputSource is)
          Constructs a schema using the specified resource name and stream.

Uses of SolrConfig in

Methods in with parameters of type SolrConfig
static CacheConfig CacheConfig.getConfig(SolrConfig solrConfig, Node node)
static CacheConfig CacheConfig.getConfig(SolrConfig solrConfig, String xpath)
static CacheConfig[] CacheConfig.getMultipleConfigs(SolrConfig solrConfig, String configPath)
static void SolrIndexSearcher.initRegenerators(SolrConfig solrConfig)

Uses of SolrConfig in org.apache.solr.servlet

Constructors in org.apache.solr.servlet with parameters of type SolrConfig
SolrRequestParsers(SolrConfig globalConfig)
          Pass in an xml configuration.

Uses of SolrConfig in org.apache.solr.servlet.cache

Methods in org.apache.solr.servlet.cache with parameters of type SolrConfig
static void HttpCacheHeaderUtil.setCacheControlHeader(SolrConfig conf, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse resp, Method method)
          Set the Cache-Control HTTP header (and Expires if needed) based on the SolrConfig.

Uses of SolrConfig in org.apache.solr.update

Constructors in org.apache.solr.update with parameters of type SolrConfig
SolrIndexConfig(SolrConfig solrConfig, String prefix, SolrIndexConfig def)
          Constructs a SolrIndexConfig which parses the Lucene related config params in solrconfig.xml

Uses of SolrConfig in org.apache.solr.util.xslt

Methods in org.apache.solr.util.xslt with parameters of type SolrConfig
 Transformer TransformerProvider.getTransformer(SolrConfig solrConfig, String filename, int cacheLifetimeSeconds)
          Return a new Transformer, possibly created from our cached Templates object

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