Package org.apache.lucene.spatial.prefix

Prefix Tree Strategy


Class Summary
AbstractPrefixTreeFilter Base class for Lucene Filters on SpatialPrefixTree fields.
AbstractVisitingPrefixTreeFilter Traverses a SpatialPrefixTree indexed field, using the template & visitor design patterns for subclasses to guide the traversal and collect matching documents.
AbstractVisitingPrefixTreeFilter.VNode A Visitor Node/Cell found via the query shape for AbstractVisitingPrefixTreeFilter.VisitorTemplate.
IntersectsPrefixTreeFilter A Filter matching documents that have an SpatialRelation.INTERSECTS (i.e.
PointPrefixTreeFieldCacheProvider Implementation of ShapeFieldCacheProvider designed for PrefixTreeStrategys.
PrefixTreeStrategy An abstract SpatialStrategy based on SpatialPrefixTree.
RecursivePrefixTreeStrategy A PrefixTreeStrategy which uses AbstractVisitingPrefixTreeFilter.
TermQueryPrefixTreeStrategy A basic implementation of PrefixTreeStrategy using a large TermsFilter of all the nodes from SpatialPrefixTree.getNodes(com.spatial4j.core.shape.Shape, int, boolean, boolean).

Package org.apache.lucene.spatial.prefix Description

Prefix Tree Strategy

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