Class TermQueryPrefixTreeStrategy

  extended by org.apache.lucene.spatial.SpatialStrategy
      extended by org.apache.lucene.spatial.prefix.PrefixTreeStrategy
          extended by org.apache.lucene.spatial.prefix.TermQueryPrefixTreeStrategy

public class TermQueryPrefixTreeStrategy
extends PrefixTreeStrategy

A basic implementation of PrefixTreeStrategy using a large TermsFilter of all the nodes from SpatialPrefixTree.getNodes(com.spatial4j.core.shape.Shape, int, boolean, boolean). It only supports the search of indexed Point shapes.

The precision of query shapes (distErrPct) is an important factor in using this Strategy. If the precision is too precise then it will result in many terms which will amount to a slower query.

WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.

Field Summary
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defaultFieldValuesArrayLen, distErrPct, FIELD_TYPE, grid, simplifyIndexedCells
Fields inherited from class org.apache.lucene.spatial.SpatialStrategy
Constructor Summary
TermQueryPrefixTreeStrategy(SpatialPrefixTree grid, String fieldName)
Method Summary
 Filter makeFilter(SpatialArgs args)
          Make a Filter based principally on SpatialOperation and Shape from the supplied args.
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createIndexableFields, createIndexableFields, getDistErrPct, getGrid, makeDistanceValueSource, setDefaultFieldValuesArrayLen, setDistErrPct
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getFieldName, getSpatialContext, makeQuery, makeRecipDistanceValueSource, toString
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Constructor Detail


public TermQueryPrefixTreeStrategy(SpatialPrefixTree grid,
                                   String fieldName)
Method Detail


public Filter makeFilter(SpatialArgs args)
Description copied from class: SpatialStrategy
Make a Filter based principally on SpatialOperation and Shape from the supplied args.

If a subclasses implements SpatialStrategy.makeQuery(org.apache.lucene.spatial.query.SpatialArgs) then this method could be simply:

return new QueryWrapperFilter(makeQuery(args).getQuery());

Specified by:
makeFilter in class SpatialStrategy

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