Mailing Lists


Historically, LuceneTM user issues or questions have almost always been best addressed on the Java Lucene User mailing list. PyLucene users with general Lucene questions should consider contacting the Java Lucene User list first.

For issues or questions specific to PyLucene such as build issues, please contact the PyLucene Developer mailing list.

In order to post to the PyLucene Developer list, it is necessary to first subscribe to it. See below for more information.


If you'd like to contribute to PyLucene or are having questions specific to PyLucene or JCC, please subscribe to the PyLucene developer mailing list.

The PyLucene developer mailing list is:

In order to post to the list, it is necessary to first subscribe to it.


If you'd like to be notified when source code changes are committed to PyLucene's version control system then subscribe to the PyLucene commits mailing list.

The Apache Software Foundation

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