Class QueryProfilerResult

  • public class QueryProfilerResult
    extends Object
    This class is the internal representation of a profiled Query, corresponding to a single node in the query tree. It is built after the query has finished executing and is merely a structured representation, rather than the entity that collects the timing profile.

    Each QueryProfilerResult has a List of QueryProfilerResult, which will contain "children" queries if applicable

    • Method Detail

      • getDescription

        public String getDescription()
        Retrieve the lucene description of this query (e.g. the "explain" text)
      • getQueryName

        public String getQueryName()
        Retrieve the name of the entry (e.g. "TermQuery" or "LongTermsAggregator")
      • getTimeBreakdown

        public Map<String,​Long> getTimeBreakdown()
        The timing breakdown for this node.
      • getTotalTime

        public long getTotalTime()
        Returns the total time (inclusive of children) for this query node.
        elapsed time in nanoseconds
      • getProfiledChildren

        public List<QueryProfilerResult> getProfiledChildren()
        Returns a list of all profiled children queries