Class QueryNodeImpl

    • Field Detail

      • toQueryStringIgnoreFields

        protected boolean toQueryStringIgnoreFields
        If set to true the method toQueryString will not write field names
    • Constructor Detail

      • QueryNodeImpl

        public QueryNodeImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • allocate

        protected void allocate()
      • isLeaf

        public boolean isLeaf()
        Description copied from interface: QueryNode
        verify if a node is a Leaf node
        Specified by:
        isLeaf in interface QueryNode
      • setLeaf

        protected void setLeaf​(boolean isLeaf)
      • getChildren

        public final List<QueryNode> getChildren()
        Description copied from interface: QueryNode
        get Children nodes
        Specified by:
        getChildren in interface QueryNode
        a List for QueryNode object. Returns null, for nodes that do not contain children. All leaf Nodes return null.
      • setTag

        public void setTag​(String tagName,
                           Object value)
        Description copied from interface: QueryNode
        Associate the specified value with the specified tagName. If the tagName already exists, the old value is replaced. The tagName and value cannot be null. tagName will be converted to lowercase.
        Specified by:
        setTag in interface QueryNode
      • unsetTag

        public void unsetTag​(String tagName)
        Description copied from interface: QueryNode
        Unset a tag. tagName will be converted to lowercase.
        Specified by:
        unsetTag in interface QueryNode
      • containsTag

        public boolean containsTag​(String tagName)
        verify if a node contains a tag
        Specified by:
        containsTag in interface QueryNode
      • getTag

        public Object getTag​(String tagName)
        Description copied from interface: QueryNode
        Returns object stored under that tag name
        Specified by:
        getTag in interface QueryNode
      • isRoot

        protected boolean isRoot()
      • isDefaultField

        protected boolean isDefaultField​(CharSequence fld)
        This method is use toQueryString to detect if fld is the default field
        fld - - field name
        true if fld is the default field
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Every implementation of this class should return pseudo xml like this:

        For FieldQueryNode: <field start='1' end='2' field='subject' text='foo'/>

        Specified by:
        toString in interface QueryNode
        toString in class Object
        See Also:
      • getTagMap

        public Map<String,​Object> getTagMap()
        Returns a map containing all tags attached to this query node.
        Specified by:
        getTagMap in interface QueryNode
        a map containing all tags attached to this query node
      • removeChildren

        public void removeChildren​(QueryNode childNode)
        Description copied from interface: QueryNode
        Remove a child node
        Specified by:
        removeChildren in interface QueryNode
        childNode - Which child to remove
      • removeFromParent

        public void removeFromParent()
        Description copied from interface: QueryNode
        Removes this query node from its parent.
        Specified by:
        removeFromParent in interface QueryNode