Class Bits.MatchNoBits

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    public static class Bits.MatchNoBits
    extends Object
    implements Bits
    Bits impl of the specified length with no bits set.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MatchNoBits

        public MatchNoBits​(int len)
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      • get

        public boolean get​(int index)
        Description copied from interface: Bits
        Returns the value of the bit with the specified index.
        Specified by:
        get in interface Bits
        index - index, should be non-negative and < Bits.length(). The result of passing negative or out of bounds values is undefined by this interface, just don't do it!
        true if the bit is set, false otherwise.
      • length

        public int length()
        Description copied from interface: Bits
        Returns the number of bits in this set
        Specified by:
        length in interface Bits