Class UsageTrackingQueryCachingPolicy

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    public class UsageTrackingQueryCachingPolicy
    extends Object
    implements QueryCachingPolicy
    A QueryCachingPolicy that tracks usage statistics of recently-used filters in order to decide on which filters are worth caching.
    WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.
    • Constructor Detail

      • UsageTrackingQueryCachingPolicy

        public UsageTrackingQueryCachingPolicy​(int historySize)
        Expert: Create a new instance with a configurable history size. Beware of passing too large values for the size of the history, either minFrequencyToCache( returns low values and this means some filters that are rarely used will be cached, which would hurt performance. Or minFrequencyToCache( returns high values that are function of the size of the history but then filters will be slow to make it to the cache.
        historySize - the number of recently used filters to track
      • UsageTrackingQueryCachingPolicy

        public UsageTrackingQueryCachingPolicy()
        Create a new instance with an history size of 256. This should be a good default for most cases.
    • Method Detail

      • minFrequencyToCache

        protected int minFrequencyToCache​(Query query)
        For a given filter, return how many times it should appear in the history before being cached. The default implementation returns 2 for filters that need to evaluate against the entire index to build a DocIdSetIterator, like MultiTermQuery, point-based queries or TermInSetQuery, and 5 for other filters.
      • onUse

        public void onUse​(Query query)
        Description copied from interface: QueryCachingPolicy
        Callback that is called every time that a cached filter is used. This is typically useful if the policy wants to track usage statistics in order to make decisions.
        Specified by:
        onUse in interface QueryCachingPolicy
      • shouldCache

        public boolean shouldCache​(Query query)
                            throws IOException
        Description copied from interface: QueryCachingPolicy
        Whether the given Query is worth caching. This method will be called by the QueryCache to know whether to cache. It will first attempt to load a DocIdSet from the cache. If it is not cached yet and this method returns true then a cache entry will be generated. Otherwise an uncached scorer will be returned.
        Specified by:
        shouldCache in interface QueryCachingPolicy