Class DocIdSet

    • Field Detail

      • EMPTY

        public static final DocIdSet EMPTY
        An empty DocIdSet instance
    • Constructor Detail

      • DocIdSet

        public DocIdSet()
    • Method Detail

      • all

        public static DocIdSet all​(int maxDoc)
        A DocIdSet that matches all doc ids up to a specified doc (exclusive).
      • bits

        public Bits bits()
                  throws IOException
        Optionally provides a Bits interface for random access to matching documents.
        null, if this DocIdSet does not support random access. In contrast to iterator(), a return value of null does not imply that no documents match the filter! The default implementation does not provide random access, so you only need to implement this method if your DocIdSet can guarantee random access to every docid in O(1) time without external disk access (as Bits interface cannot throw IOException). This is generally true for bit sets like FixedBitSet, which return itself if they are used as DocIdSet.