Class IndexReaderContext

    • Field Detail

      • parent

        public final CompositeReaderContext parent
        The reader context for this reader's immediate parent, or null if none
      • isTopLevel

        public final boolean isTopLevel
        true if this context struct represents the top level reader within the hierarchical context
      • docBaseInParent

        public final int docBaseInParent
        the doc base for this reader in the parent, 0 if parent is null
      • ordInParent

        public final int ordInParent
        the ord for this reader in the parent, 0 if parent is null
    • Method Detail

      • id

        public Object id()
        Expert: Return an Object that uniquely identifies this context. The returned object does neither reference this IndexReaderContext nor the wrapped IndexReader.
        WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.
      • children

        public abstract List<IndexReaderContext> children()
        Returns the context's children iff this context is a composite context otherwise null .