Class Lucene90PostingsFormat.IntBlockTermState

    • Field Detail

      • skipOffset

        public long skipOffset
        file offset for the start of the skip list, relative to docStartFP, if there are more than ForUtil.BLOCK_SIZE docs; otherwise -1
      • lastPosBlockOffset

        public long lastPosBlockOffset
        file offset for the last position in the last block, if there are more than ForUtil.BLOCK_SIZE positions; otherwise -1

        One might think to use total term frequency to track how many positions are left to read as we decode the blocks, and decode the last block differently when num_left_positions < BLOCK_SIZE. Unfortunately this won't work since the tracking will be messed up when we skip blocks as the skipper will only tell us new position offset (start of block) and number of positions to skip for that block, without telling us how many positions it has skipped.

      • singletonDocID

        public int singletonDocID
        docid when there is a single pulsed posting, otherwise -1. freq is always implicitly totalTermFreq in this case.
    • Constructor Detail

      • IntBlockTermState

        public IntBlockTermState()
        Sole constructor.