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    public interface FragmentChecker
    An oracle for quickly checking that a specific part of a word can never be a valid word. This allows speeding up the "Modification" part of Suggester by avoiding expensive checks on impossible words. Implementations may use character case, n-grams or whatever they like.
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      • hasImpossibleFragmentAround

        boolean hasImpossibleFragmentAround​(CharSequence word,
                                            int start,
                                            int end)
        Check if the given word range intersects any fragment which is impossible in the current language. For example, if the word is "aaax", and there are no "aaa" combinations in words accepted by the spellchecker (but "aax" is valid), then true can be returned for all ranges in 0..3, but not for 3..4.

        The implementation must be monotonic: if some range is considered impossible, larger ranges encompassing it should also produce true.

        word - the whole word being checked for impossible substrings
        start - the start of the range in question, inclusive
        end - the end of the range in question, inclusive, not smaller than start