Class IOContext

    • Field Detail

      • context

        public final IOContext.Context context
        An object of a enumerator Context type
      • mergeInfo

        public final MergeInfo mergeInfo
      • flushInfo

        public final FlushInfo flushInfo
      • readOnce

        public final boolean readOnce
        This flag indicates that the file will be opened, then fully read sequentially then closed.
      • load

        public final boolean load
        This flag is used for files that are a small fraction of the total index size and are expected to be heavily accessed in random-access fashion. Some Directory implementations may choose to load such files into physical memory (e.g. Java heap) as a way to provide stronger guarantees on query latency.
      • DEFAULT

        public static final IOContext DEFAULT
      • READONCE

        public static final IOContext READONCE
    • Constructor Detail

      • IOContext

        public IOContext()
      • IOContext

        public IOContext​(FlushInfo flushInfo)
      • IOContext

        public IOContext​(MergeInfo mergeInfo)
      • IOContext

        public IOContext​(IOContext ctxt,
                         boolean readOnce)
        This constructor is used to initialize a IOContext instance with a new value for the readOnce variable.
        ctxt - IOContext object whose information is used to create the new instance except the readOnce variable.
        readOnce - The new IOContext object will use this value for readOnce.