Class StoredValue

  • public final class StoredValue
    extends Object
    Abstraction around a stored value.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • StoredValue

        public StoredValue​(int value)
        Ctor for integer values.
      • StoredValue

        public StoredValue​(long value)
        Ctor for long values.
      • StoredValue

        public StoredValue​(float value)
        Ctor for float values.
      • StoredValue

        public StoredValue​(double value)
        Ctor for double values.
      • StoredValue

        public StoredValue​(BytesRef value)
        Ctor for binary values.
      • StoredValue

        public StoredValue​(String value)
        Ctor for binary values.
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        public StoredValue.Type getType()
        Retrieve the type of the stored value.
      • setIntValue

        public void setIntValue​(int value)
        Set an integer value.
      • setLongValue

        public void setLongValue​(long value)
        Set a long value.
      • setFloatValue

        public void setFloatValue​(float value)
        Set a float value.
      • setDoubleValue

        public void setDoubleValue​(double value)
        Set a double value.
      • setBinaryValue

        public void setBinaryValue​(BytesRef value)
        Set a binary value.
      • setStringValue

        public void setStringValue​(String value)
        Set a string value.
      • getIntValue

        public int getIntValue()
        Retrieve an integer value.
      • getLongValue

        public long getLongValue()
        Retrieve a long value.
      • getFloatValue

        public float getFloatValue()
        Retrieve a float value.
      • getDoubleValue

        public double getDoubleValue()
        Retrieve a double value.
      • getBinaryValue

        public BytesRef getBinaryValue()
        Retrieve a binary value.
      • getStringValue

        public String getStringValue()
        Retrieve a string value.